Internship Program
"Before this internship I had doubts [regarding what type of profession I'd like to be in].  After this summer, I have no doubt that construction is what I want to do."

- Kansas State University
Intern verifying field dimensions.
Intern verifying field dimensions.

Internship Program
During initial indoctrination, interns visit our job sites and meet both jobsite and main office personnel. You'll learn our policies and observe firsthand the way we do business and the professional manner in which we conduct ourselves. Each intern is assigned a mentor to provide training, supervision, guidance, and feedback. Mentors are actively involved with the interns on a daily basis and conduct regular progress reviews.

Intern preparing for concrete pour.
Intern preparing for concrete pour.

Each intern is then assigned to a project so you can experience on-the-job learning while doing significant, meaningful work. You'll develop both greater understanding of the overall project sequence and more in-depth knowledge of specific processes. Our interns take part in as many tasks as possible including material quantity take-offs, surveying, forming and pouring concrete, painting, installing hardware, and other jobsite and office activities. Detailed training sessions are conducted on key topics such as safety and layout. These training sessions provide in-depth information that can be immediately used during your internship.

An internship with American is not all work and no play. Numerous recreational activities such as skeet shoots, bowling, and golf are planned throughout your internship to allow you to experience our "family environment" and interact with our employees.

Senior managers interview interns to get their evaluations of our company, the intern program and their mentors.

Comments from the interns include:
"I was very impressed with the wide range of things American Constructors teaches."
"This is the best intern program I have ever seen."
"I was challenged and really felt like I was a member of the team."
"I learned more than I expected to learn."
"The guys onsite went beyond expectations to make me feel a part of the team."
"I was amazed how much time my mentor took out of their day to spend with me."

The quality of interaction between the students and everyone in the company reinforces our corporate value of continuous learning and professional development. Moreover, our interns are able to take along something extra when they return to campus -- their very own experiences with a real Builder, and its people.

If you would like to be considered for our internship program, please contact our main office at 512.328.2026 or send an email to E-mail Address .

To see more information on our projects under construction, please visit our Current Projects.
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